Thinking of buying a secondhand iPhone?

If you’re thinking of buying an iPhone online either from eBay or through a classifieds website there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Is the iPhone network unlocked?
If the phone is networked unlocked you can used it on any network and don’t have to worry. Naturally an unlocked phone will be more expensive than than a locked one but if you have bought or are planning on buying a network locked phone don’t worry as long as you have the right information you can normally get it unlocked. A quick Google will return several websites that will give you a price for unlocking. Alternatively if you buy an iPhone that’s locked to the network you want to use that will work fine as well as long as you remember that networks don’t cross countries so 3 Ireland is different to 3 UK and the same for Vodafone.

Is the iPhone iCloud Locked?
This is a very important point to check. All iPhones now have a security measure that once iCloud information has been put into the phone only that account holder can use the phone. Make sure all iCloud details have been removed and iCloud turned off before buying. If the iPhone is iCloud locked then unfortunately it can’t be used and currently there is no easy way to remove this security lock.

Lastly make sure the iPhone is fully working.
This might sound simple but if possible check as much of the phone as you can. Make sure the earpiece speaker and mic are working by making a call. Check the front and back camera. Check the gyro by rotating the phone and finally check the screen by swiping back and fourth at different points. Most small parts and screens can be replaced on an iPhone but if something isn’t working it could be as a result of water damage or a drop and may not be fixable.

Generally if an iPhone is going “cheap” then there’s a reason why. Have a good search on eBay and watch a few auctions finish to get an idea of what the iPhone you want should be costing.

If you have any questions just ask.

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