Tech Tip #1 – Be careful what you agree to

Many of us will see the window below when we do an update of the Java software after being prompted for the 100th time but do you look at it close enough to see what’s going on or do you just click “Next” until it’s done?

At this point of the install process you’re actually being asked if you want to change your internet browser settings. Most people will just see the “Recommended” in bold and go with that option and then won’t understand what happened with they open their web browser and everything has changed.

This isn’t something that’s just restricted to the Java updates it happens with most free software. They may also try to hide what’s happening so if given the option to “Customize” the install click that button and you’ll see what’s really happening.

Tech Tip #1: When installing or updating software look at and read every window in the process to make sure you’re only getting what you want and no additional software or settings are being installed.

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