How to use Facebook Places on your desktop

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4 thoughts on “How to use Facebook Places on your desktop

From here you will see the places tab on the right. When you click the places tab firefox will go to the page but pause asking you to select your location.

Doesn’t pop out…


This really saved me. Facebook was being really awkward about adding a place to a photo. There was no phone signal at the actual place so I couldn’t check in. Ended up using this to check in and create the location and then added it to all my photos. (Deleted my fake check in after) 😀


This was a life saver. Thanks!



Thank you for this thread you have no idea how much you just saved my family.
My fiancee got fired for using social media at work when she did no such thing. The owner of her company used a facebook post that said the location from where it was posted as evidence that she had made the post from her office desktop during business hours when she had posted something during an unpaid lunch from her cellphone.

Because of this information that you have posted here I can now refute his evidence confidently and will be using this thread as part of my proof. You sir are awesome. The fact facebook doesn’t keep an exact time made it difficult to use the time stamp as evidence that she posted it during a lunch break. But this coupled with the fact that her supposed first infraction that lead to a warning (never happened) that actually was posted on a Saturday which was a day they do not work should seal an unemployment victory. She is so close to getting her masters in education and this blow would of placed that in jeopardy.

Thank you so very much


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