How to use Facebook Places on your desktop

In this post I will explain how you can use Facebook places, which is normally used on a mobile device, on your desktop.

But why would you want to use Facebook places on a desktop computer or laptop? Well there are a few good reasons why this is useful:

  • See how Facebook places works
  • You can easily see if your business is listed
  • Can easily find a business to claim

To be able to use Facebook places you will need to have Firefox installed along with the Geolocater plugin. The Geolocater plugin is used to set your location for use in Facebook places.

The first step is to open firefox and browse to this will bring you to the mobile version of Facebook.

From here you will see the places tab on the right. When you click the places tab firefox will go to the page but pause asking you to select your location.

At this point you will want to open the Geolocater plugin by going to Tools > Geolocater > Manage

Create a new spot by clicking the Create geolocation button in the top right corner. Search for the loaction you want and click the Switch from Select to Search geolocation, give your location a name, fill out any other information you want and click save. You will then be asked Do you want to use this new geolocation? click OK.

Returning to the open firefox tab you will now see your new location selected in the dropdown in the location bar at the top of the window.

Clicking on the Share Location button causes Facebook to use that location for Facebook places.

You are now able to view all businesses listed in that area, check-in to places and even create any business that might be missing.

A useful tip here is that you are able to create multiple locations in geolocater so if you are managing business in different areas you can setup locations for each and just select which location you want to use when going into the places tab.

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