Getting ready for your new phone

If you’re lucky enough to be waiting on a new phone you’ll want the process of switching over to go as smooth and quickly as possible so here’s my tips on getting that new phone up and running.

Android Users

If you’ve got an Android phone then you’ve already got a Google account setup. Make sure your apps are syncing with your account by following the instructions here. The important apps are your calendar (if you use it) and contacts.

To backup your photos and videos download the Google Photos app. This will upload all your photos and videos to your Google account and make them available to you from anywhere on any device.

Now if you just want to get going on your new phone, Android or iPhone, with just the basics then switch it on sign in with your Google account install the Google Photos app and your good to go. Your contacts will sync and your photos will be available through the app.

If you want to copy everything exactly from the old phone to the new one then you’ll need to use one of the available apps. Samsung have their Smart Switch app, Huawei have Phone Clone and Apple have Move to iOS if you’re switching to an iPhone. All these apps use a similar process of connecting the old phone to the new one either wirelessly or by cable and copying the content over. Run the app, follow the instructions and after some time everything will be on your new phone.

iPhone Users

Backup your iPhone either to iCloud (if you have enough space) or my prefered method, to your computer. Once you have the backup done turn on your new iPhone and go through the setup until it asks, do you want to use a backup. At that stage pick whichever method you used earlier to do your backup and after awhile your new iPhone will be setup exactly like your old one.

If you’re moving from iPhone to Android then the built-in migration apps, mentioned above, on the new Android phones will handle moving your content over. You can also use a Google account and the Google photos app to transfer your contacts and photos over without any hassle.

My Tip

Setup and use an online account to backup and store your contacts and photos/videos. My prefered option is to use Google as it works across all platforms and integrates seamlessly. Add your Google account to the phone to save your contacts and use Google Photos app to save all your photos.

If you need any further help or you have questions please contact me.

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