How safe are your photos and files?

If something happened your laptop or phone would all your photos and files be gone? Do you have copies or have you made backups?

To keep your photos and files safe there are a few options. The most straight forward is to copy the files to an external device either an external hard drive or a USB stick. This has to be done manually and so you must remember to do it.

An alternative automatic option is to setup one of the cloud backup systems. The two main systems are Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive. Which one you use depends on you. If you have a Google account then go with their system, likewise if you have a Microsoft account go with their’s. Both systems setup the same and automatically backup your files and photos.

Both systems have phone apps that backup your photos. Google’s is the Google Photos app and Microsoft’s is the OneDrive app both of which are available on Android and iOS. Within both apps there’s an option to automatically backup your photos.

When everything is setup you will be able to access your photos and files from anywhere just by logging into the appropriate website and so if something happens your laptop or phone you will still have access everything.

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